Focus Areas

Women Health, Children & Mental Health


Children’s Health

“Its easier to build a healthy child than it is to repair an adult”

As a parent you’ve probably noticed that children are not small adults but rather unique balls of energy, interest, fascination and open to life. Children in my opinion are so incredible.

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Pile of baby clothes, necessities and pregnant woman on bed in home interior of bedroom. Pregnant woman is getting ready for the maternity hospital, packing baby stuff. Pregnancy, birth concept.

Women’s Health

Menstrual cycles and and reproduction are a natural part of life. When the body is in balance these systems should operate with ease and flow. Unfortunately for many people, things don’t always go so smoothly. Whether it be absent periods, period pain or infertility please consider the use of an ancient and well tried system of medicine.

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time for change, concept of new, life changing and improvement

Emotional Wellness

Chinese Medicine views the person as a whole – mind, body and spirit. To just work with one aspect of someone’s health can be limiting. In my experience, not until the mind, heart and body are aligned can meaningful change occur. Through the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Neuro Linguistic Programming my aim is to support people to find emotional wellness and wholeness.

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