Children’s Health

“Its easier to build a healthy child than it is to repair an adult”

As a parent you’ve probably noticed that children are not a small version of adults but rather unique balls of energy, interest, fascination and open to life. Children in my opinion are so incredible. They are sensitive, have relatively pure systems and are generally very quick to recover to wellness. Conversely, when they do fall ill, it can become intense very quickly. So why not learn ways and techniques to encourage balance and wellness in their body?

The extensive training and clinical experience I have gained, in addition to being a mother myself, has gifted me with knowledge of infant healing that is quiet extraordinary. The beauty of capturing children when they’re young, is it provides a solid foundation of health by resolving imbalances early in life.

Due to a child’s delicate system, it usually only takes gentle and pleasurable techniques to promote therapeutic benefits. I offer an environment and service that is calm, caring and as much child-led as possible. My aim is for your child to enjoy coming for their session and be enthusiastic to return.

Conditions such as colic, cough, ear infections, digestive upset, bed wetting and many other relatively common afflictions can cause much distress and upset for families. My goal is to support, educate and create lasting change for your child and your family.

In my therapeutic tool belt I use Sho Ni Shin (needle-free treatment) acupressure, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and massage.

Sho Ni Shin is a system that is truly child centred. It’s the knowing that the energetic pathways develop in stages, and this naturally takes the first 5-7 years of the a child’s life to mature.

Children’s Treatments and Sho Ni Shin

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Tell me, I forget, Show me, I remember, Involve me, I understand (Chinese Proverb)

As parents it’s our role to model health and wellness for our children. What greater gift can we offer our children than early exposure to health and wellness?  With our support, our kids can grow up knowing what makes their body feel strong, healthy and calm.

In a consultation with me I will try my best to provide easily achievable health goals for you and your family to support your long term wellness.