Children’s Treatments and Sho Ni Shin



Sho Ni Shin is a pleasant, calming and generally non-invasive treatment for children. I’ve seen time and time again the relaxing melt and calmness that becomes a child within the first few minutes of this treatment.

Often the medical treatments our children experience are rushed, emergency style treatment or painful vaccinations that don’t allow the opportunity for an enjoyable therapeutic option. From a theoretical and clinical perspective, Sho Ni Shin was a game changer for me in the clinic.

This system of medicine is child-centred and developed especially for these fast growing, dynamically little beings. The treatment flow and style of Sho Ni Shin will change depending on the age and physiology of the child. What this means is Sho Ni Shin is one of the few treatment methods that are specific to children and their developmental needs.

The conditions that may be considered for Sho Ni Shin include colic, constipation, poor appetite and fussy eating, repeated illness of a similar nature like ear infections, tonsillitis anxiety and sleep disorders and many more.

It’s so lovely to provide a gentle yet powerful treatment option for kids, that is something they’ll be happy to come back for.

There are some conditions that may respond better to acupuncture, however these are rare. If this is the case, the points are not retained and this will be discussed with the care giver present at the time.